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Dr Irina Heim invited to the Organisational Committee of the Conference on Business Technology for a Sustainable Environmental Development

Irina Heim Photo November 2019 mtime20191128191412

The conference will be held at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 19-20 March 2020. Irina will be presenting her paper, titled 'Kazakhstan’s Diversification from the Natural Resources Sector: Strategic and Economic Opportunities', and was specially invited by Prof Sayabek Ziyadin, Head of the Department of Business Technologies.

The conference is aimed at high-quality coverage and debate on sustainable development and environmental management. It features academics from more than a dozen countries across the world, including China, Portugal, Finland, Latvia, Japan, Macedonia, Poland, Vietnam, Russia, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and the UK.

To find out more information about the conference, please click here.

Dr Irina Heim

Lecturer in Apprenticeship Programmes and the Army Higher Education Pathway
Published 7 February 2020
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