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Dr Irina Heim Recognised for Writing 'Most Read' Paper for Thunderbird International Business Review

Irina Heim Award mtime20200514171822

The paper, titled 'Value co-creation between foreign firms and indigenous SMEs in Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry: the role of information technology spillovers', was co-authored by Dr Heim, Prof Yelena Kalyuzhnova and Prof Weizi Li and can be read here. It was published in the Thunderbird International Business Review, Vol. 61 No. 6, pp 911-927.

This research will feed into the new book edited by Dr Heim, 'Kazakhstan’s Diversification from the Natural Resource Sector: Strategic and Economic Opportunities', which is now in production by Palgrave. This research explores the wide topic of economic diversification, from primary industry sectors to the new, emerging industries such as information technologies. In resource-rich countries diversification is understood as a part of a sustainable economic development program. Kazakhstan embraced economic diversification as a national idea with the aim of co-financing a wide range of development projects, from small businesses' support to infrastructure, with a focus on local content development in the oil and gas sector, high-technology industries, agriculture and tourism. Henley Business School's Centre for Euro Asian Studies will also present a working paper, based on Irina's dissertation and co-authored with her supervisor Prof Kalyuzhnova.

Dr Irina Heim

Lecturer in Apprenticeship Programmes and the Army Higher Education Pathway
Published 14 May 2020
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