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Henley Business School's Centre for China Management and Global Businesses launches Business Angels Investing Survey

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The purpose of the survey is to engage with business angels at a time of great financial upheaval in the world and find out more about investment strategies, human factors, key issues and future investment opportunities of business angels during and after COVID-19. Whilst some investors have understandably been reluctant to invest during a time of economic uncertainty, early reports have shown that many angel investors have remained highly active and this survey will seek to find out the priorities and concerns that angel investors have going forward.

The survey was also contributed to by Jurek Sikorski, Director of the Henley Business Angels (HBA), and Denis Bidinost, a prominent HBA member. The outcome of the survey will be a white paper that Professor Liu will author and share with all participants. The survey can be completed here. Any participation from business angels is greatly appreciated - the deadline to complete the survey is 30 June 2020, so please submit your questionnaire before this date.

Professor Yipeng Liu

Visiting Professor
Published 22 June 2020
Department news