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Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp 2020 report demonstrates how entrepreneurs put learning into practice

Henley Summer Start Up Boot Camp 2020 Report

The Boot Camp is an annual event open to current students, alumni and local residents, co-ordinated by HCfE and ran by the PopUp Business School. For 2020 over 80 participants joined the event remotely, with each day focusing on a different key skill for an entrepreneur. The participants learned a range of skills, from how to build a website for free to making sales from effective marketing.

The Boot Camp's success at helping newfound businesses spread their wings was shown in the report's statistics. On a scale of 1-10, participants were quizzed both before and after the Boot Camp on their confidence in starting a business; the average confidence level jumped from just 4.8 at the start of the course to 7.7 after. A total of 34% of attendees had published their business' website by the end of the course, with a further 50% making final tweaks. Within just five days 70% of participants considered themselves 'almost ready' to begin turning their business idea into a reality and 8% took it one step further by making a sale within their first week!

The report also showcases social media profiles from the businesses that were created, quotes from the participants and even case studies of some of the Boot Camp's major successes a few months down the line. With a wide range of diverse business ideas elevated closer to success, the Boot Camp proved to be incredibly beneficial for participants and their businesses.

To find out more about the impact of the Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp 2020, read the full report here.

Published 30 September 2020
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