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Huawei ICT Academy collaborated with HCIE expert Professor Xiuying Sun and held a seminar about ICT talent cultivation

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Seminar photo

During the seminar, Professor Sun gave detailed explanations to any questions raised to throughout ICT high-skilled talent training programs, talent training models, the development history of Huawei ICT Academy and industry construction process.

As the pioneer of Huawei's ICT Academy, Professor Sun has constantly been contributing her rich industry expertise to her students in the past 11 years and has continuously help with the cultivation of industrial talents. In order to enhance students' understanding of the Huawei certification system, Professor Sun introduced the "Seven-Dimensional Talent Capability Model for Talents" to fully analyse the development objectives and goals of today's Huawei ICT Academy from the needs of industry talents "to deliver multifunctional and innovative talents for the ICT industry".

Professor Sun is delivering speech about "seven dimensional talent cultivation model'.

Commenting on the" Seven-Dimensional Talent Capability Model for Talents", Professor Xiuying Sun, Dean of Communication School at Huai'an College of Information Technology, said:

Outstanding ICT talents must have solid technical knowledge, and be able to reasonably formulate high-quality maintenance programs, optimise networks, and resolve problems in combination with their professional literacy and customer needs.

This process often requires students to have a deep understanding of the technical structure and technological agreements, to know its functional and associated operation principles. In addition, students are suggested to use the rigorous logical thinking cultivated during the learning process to choose the correct products that satisfy customers’ needs.


Thanks to her genuine passion about ICT industry, Professor Sun continuously contribute to developing a comprehensive ICT talent bank in the past decade. In 2012, she successfully introduced Huawei certification courses into the university curriculum and encouraged students to apply theoretical knowledge into practices. These approaches are valuable in cultivating students’ professional skills and further positively influence they career planning in the future.

Published 4 February 2020