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Professor Yipeng Liu leads webinar on COVID-19's impact on Asian businesses and management

Yipeng Liu Staff Photo

The event was part of the Association of British Chinese Professors (ABCP) Seminar Series. It was opened by Professor Sai Gu, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for China at the University of Warwick, who spoke to the audience about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects our daily lives and work within the context of the global health crisis.

Professor Liu was then invited to talk about how the experiences of Asian countries in dealing with COVID-19 may be useful for the world to overcome the health crisis, especially the lessons learned from Asian countries' economies and businesses. Professor Liu analysed the concepts of resilience, strategic ability and entrepreneurship to combat the crisis and suggested both the opportunities and challenges the pandemic presents. He then went onto discuss the impact on businesses and the economy, looking at China, Singapore and South Korea as case studies. His concluding remarks examined the importance of global supply and business collaboration as future trends in dealing with COVID-19 and the role of China, especially with significance to China’s production capacity.

The webinar wrapped up with an opportunity for the audience to share perspectives or questions. This generated an interesting discussion between Professor Gu and Professor Liu about universities' responses in the pandemic and decoupling from COVID-19, regarding both a larger global context and the specific sectors, including manufacturing and services.

The recording of the seminar can be watched here. Further information about the CMGB's research in the field of global business can be found on the CMGB homepage.

Professor Yipeng Liu

Visiting Professor
Published 21 August 2020
Department news