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Return to the World of Work: How can organisations build trust?

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To look at the issue of leadership responses to the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, Henley Executive Education brought together groups of executives from different organisations via videocall sessions.

As organisations seek to pull themselves together following the COVID-19 crisis, trust is even more essential. What does this mean for top-team dynamics, for relations between chair and CEO? How will it affect the way organisations engage with stakeholders?

Executive Education at Henley Business School explored these issues in a series of real-time, engaging and thought-provoking discussions with executives from a range of organisations. From these sessions, led by Professor Andrew Kakabadse, and taking into account Henley’s research, there are important considerations on the issue of ‘trust’ in the time of COVID-19.

Read the full report here to find out how to manage political negotiations and how to do so accounting for all views within the organisation.

Professor Andrew Kakabadse

Programme Director, The Board Directors' Programme
Published 29 May 2020

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