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Return to the World of Work: The psychological effects of returning to a new normal

Tricia RTWOW

To look at the issue of leadership responses to the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, Henley Executive Education brought together groups of executives from different organisations via videocall sessions.

The current crisis, around COVID-19 has placed us in an ‘enforced experiment’ in 2020, with individuals and organisations taking many different approaches to leadership. What have been the unintended consequences of these changes? And how can these consequences create opportunities beyond returning to ‘business as usual’?

To look at these issues, we convened a participant group of executives from several organisations for a videocall discussion led by Henley’s Professor Patricia Riddell. The results are presented here, along with research insights and direct feedback from the organisations.

Read the full article here to understand how to frame your own reality and manage relationships effectively.

Professor Patricia Riddell

Professor of Applied Neuroscience, University of Reading
Published 22 July 2020
Article Flexible working

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