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Return to the World of Work: Who will stay and who will go?

Karen jansen RTWOW

To look at the issue of leadership responses to the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, Henley Executive Education brought together groups of executives from different organisations via videocall sessions.

How will we balance workforce planning and capability building, while maintaining our culture (to propel the organisation into the future)?

As we navigate the uncertain times triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult to predict the impact that the UK lockdown will have on staffing, retention and organisational culture. Professor Karen Jansen led this session, drawing on the research with three considerations.

Some of the key finding of the session were that everyone is on their own fit journey – environmental jolts cause us to consider and reassess our personal values and individual priorities.

Read the full article here to explore why employee engagement is vital in order to retain them during 'environmental jolts'.

Professor Karen Jansen

Professor in Leadership and Change
Published 8 July 2020

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