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Skills-led recovery podcasts

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Henley and EY have come together to host a programme of work to examine how increasing skills in the UK economy can help weather the storm, for the economy, organisations, and individuals.

Podcast 3: Build, build, build – how can government investment in skills get people into work quickly?

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The third of our podcasts follows on from the article on Skills-led organisational learning, a panel of experts discuss the employment and skills policies underpinning the government’s approach to “build, build, build” and the wider levelling up agenda, and how investment in skills can help navigate unprecedented challenges.

In this third podcast, EY Partner, Josie Cluer joins with:

  • Mats Persson – Association Partner, Transactions, EY
  • Dr Nikolaos Antypas – Lecturer in Finance, ICMA Centre, Henley Business School

The first two of our podcasts follow on from our article - Why we need a skills-led recovery

Podcast 2: How can a skills-led approach drive recovery at an economic, organisational and individual level?

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In this second podcast, EY’s Jo Aidroos continues to speak to the panel from Henley and EY. This time about how a focus on skills can help us to navigate and recover at an economic, organisational and individual level.

Podcast 1: What are the phases of a skills-led recovery, and how do we learn from them in order to position ourselves for a strong recovery?

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In our first podcast EY’s Jo Aidroos speaks to a panel of experts from Henley and EY about the three phases of working as we face business disruption, and what our different journeys through these phases might look like.


  • Josie Cluer – Partner in People Advisory Services and leads EY’s work on skills, education and learning
  • Frankie Close – a Talent Consultant who specialises in the future of work
  • Dr Naeema Pasha – Director of Henley Careers and Professional Development and leads World of Work at Henley Business School
  • Professor Bernd Vogel – Founding Director of Henley Centre for Leadership and Professor in Leadership.
Published 4 June 2020

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