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Return to the World of Work: The future of work

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To look at the issue of leadership responses to the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, Henley Executive Education brought together groups of executives from different organisations via videocall sessions.

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced all of us to change our way of working, including our physical working environment and our attitudes to the work–life balance. But what could this mean for the future of work? How exactly are employees and management responding to these changes?

Such issues surrounding the future of work were discussed with executives from several organisations in a session led by Dr Naeema Pasha. Drawing on these conversations and recent Henley research, the following brings together the resulting feedback, insight and recommendations.

Feedback from the participant group shows that there have been clear changes in attitudes and approaches to work since the COVID-19 lockdown. Elaborated in this report is the In-person vs virtual office debate as well as a focus on leaders and their role within an organisation in unprecedented times.

Read the full report here to question the real usefulness of the office, as well as the mindset leaders need to demonstrate positivity.

Published 24 June 2020
Article Flexible working