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Understanding the BSc Business and Management pathways

Our pathways have been designed to allow you to focus your degree even further and tailor it to your specific interests. Here is a guide to help you understand them.

In year one of your studies you will focus on gaining core knowledge of Business and Management. The content of the first year will be the same for all pathways as well as the general BSc Business and Management degree. At the end year one you will be able to transfer to a pathway of your choice or continue general programme. You are not tied to a specific pathway at this point.

Year of study % weight of modules
Year of study:Year 1 % weight of modules:100% compulsory modules (all pathways)

In year two you will gain a more in-depth understanding of Business and Management. You will now start to focus your degree further with modules that are specific to the pathway of your choice, as well as choose optional modules. At the end of the second year, you will not be able to choose a different pathway again, although you will have the opportunity to transfer back to the general programme.

Year of study % weight of modules
Year of study:Year 2 % weight of modules:50% of compulsory modules (all pathways)
Year of study: % weight of modules:50% of mixed compulsory and optional modules (pathway dependent)

Between your second and final year you will have the option to do a work placement or study abroad year. Opting for the year can be beneficial for your career prospects and considerably enhance your CV, setting you on the right path for a successful career.

Year of study
Year of study:Study Abroad/Placement Year

In your final year you will consolidate your knowledge, ready for you entering the world of work. You will have more flexibility with optional modules, with compulsory modules still relevant to the pathway you have chosen.

Year of study % weight of modules
Year of study:Final Year % weight of modules:100% mix of optional and compulsory modules (pathway dependent)
Published 18 June 2020

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