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Professor Yipeng Liu collaborates with Academy of Social Sciences' COVID-19 Hub

Yipeng Liu Staff Photo

The COVID-19 Hub is a project that gathers research, think pieces and policy analysis across all aspects of the social sciences, which contribute towards understanding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on society and the economy.

It was set up in 2020 by the Academy of Social Sciences' Campaign for Social Science, and features academics from several prestigious UK institutions, including the University of Reading, Newcastle University, the University of Manchester and King's College London.

Professor Liu, a Professor in Management and Organisation Studies and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, wrote an article for the Hub titled 'Energising Resilience, Accelerating Agility and Leveraging Collaborative Partnerships for Recovery'. The piece discusses the unprecedented challenges that both people and organisations have faced during the global pandemic, including the need to adapt to new ways of working and living and how best to design and implement appropriate management practices and policy measures for recovery to boost the economy and bring lives back to normality.

The examples of Singapore, South Korea, and China are used in the article to study how they succeeded in flattening the curve of the pandemic, highlighting their resilience, agility and collaborative partnerships. Professor Liu noted how they have utilised advanced digital infrastructure and information and communication technology (ICT), allowing them to trace contacts and manage containment measures through collaboration between the public and private sectors. He goes onto note the societal differences between the East (e.g. Singapore and China) and the West (e.g. the UK, Europe and the USA) in tackling COVID-19 and recovery strategy.

Read Professor Liu's report here.

Professor Yipeng Liu

Visiting Professor
Published 13 May 2021
Department news

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