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Elizabeth line improves transport links to Henley's Whiteknights campus

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Henley is excitedly awaiting the opening of the new Elizabeth line later this month. The new line will strengthen the transport links between our Reading campus and London, and create new links with Essex and Heathrow. Not only will this open new travel opportunities for our students, but it will also provide a boost to Thames Valley businesses and the local economy.

The long-awaited Elizabeth line connecting Reading to London and Essex is finally set to begin operating on May 24, 2022 (subject to safety approvals), with the Queen officially opening the line, her namesake, at Paddington Station this week. The new line includes stops at Tottenham Court Road, Liverpool Street and Canary Wharf, and the new central portion of the line also connects Paddington station with Abbey Wood, making it easier to visit Reading from southeast London.

Not only that, but students looking to travel from Essex to Reading will now be able to do so in just 102 minutes from stops in Shenfield and Brentwood.

Though the line will take some time to be fully up and running, it is expected to serve around 200 million people each year and increase London’s public transport by 10%.

“The opening of the Elizabeth line promises to be for business in Reading what the opening of the Jubilee line was for London’s Canary Wharf business cluster in 1999”, says Professor Kathy Pain from Henley Business School.

Professor Pain added: "Our research interviewing businesses in the City of London and in Reading found that effective transportation connecting firms to skilled people, customers and other firms in the primary locations where business is conducted, is a massive all-encompassing imperative for business success and productivity.

“The Elizabeth line opening comes none too soon for Reading in the race to attain environmentally and socially responsible business growth.”

Students looking to travel from London Paddington can do so already in 23 minutes, with the Elizabeth line’s increased capacity expected to take the pressure off the existing service.

Kathy Pain

Professor of Real Estate Development
Published 19 May 2022
Henley news

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