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Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship shares report on Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp 2022 impact

Henley Summer Start Up Boot Camp Report 2022 Title Page

The Boot Camp, hosted annually by HCfE and led by the Rebel Business School, regularly attracts dozens of attendees every year, with 87 participating this year. Each attendee has the chance to get hands-on experience, learning the skills that any entrepreneur needs, ranging from starting a business with no money to building a website for free.

The report highlights the Boot Camp's success at giving attendees both the confidence and the knowledge they were seeking to turn their business ideas into a reality. Surveying the participants, 100% of them said that their confidence in starting a business had risen since the start of the Boot Camp and more than 90% felt that they had benefited from the supportive networking environment.

Participants also felt ready to build on their successes, with 22% ready to start trading by the end of the event and 9% even taking the first big step of making a sale within their first week. Encouragingly, 100% of attendees felt more in control of their business idea by the end of the Boot Camp, feeling they now have the tools needed to take the next steps towards growing their business.

In addition to the statistics, the report includes examples of what the participants created, such as websites and business social media profiles. Attendees also share their personal experiences of the Boot Camp, most notably their key 'lightbulb moment' that they learned from.

Read the full report here.

Published 9 August 2022
Department news

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