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The Omniployment Era

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The divergence of the workforce from a traditional 'one-size-fits-all' view of work.


The flexible response of employers to a segmented workforce through tailored offerings.

What were our findings?

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A workforce in motion

It's all to play for in the labour market at the moment. Even if you have just hired a new recruit, there's no guarantee they are settled:

  • 30% of the workforce are looking for a new job
  • 46% of people who moved jobs in the last year are looking for a new job

For businesses, this means they need to offer employees the right incentives and develop the right culture to retain and attract the best talent.

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Meet the workforce

There are six clear worker 'segments' in the UK private sector workforce - groups with distinct work preferences:

  • Socially Conscious Workers - 15% of the workforce
  • Employee Advocates - 10% of the workforce
  • Work-Life Balance Advocates - 39% of the workforce
  • Salary Driven Weekend Workers - 13% of the workforce
  • Employee Satisfaction Enthusiasts - 10% of the workforce
  • Lone Rangers - 14% of the workforce

Find out more about the individual characteristics of the workforce in our paper.

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