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Adele Wylie

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Dr Richard Nunes; Professor Mike Goodman

Research topic:

The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on women’s paid and non-paid foodwork from a critical feminist perspective

Areas of academic interest:

Feminist food geographies

Critical feminist theory

Gender, Food and Sustainability

Sustainable professional kitchens


Adele’s PhD studentship research uses qualitative methods to analyse the impacts of Covid-19 on women’s material and imagined future foodscapes in the cities of Bristol, UK and Stockholm, Sweden. Adele’s research draws upon feminist food geography, critical feminist theory and critical food geography.

Prior to starting her PhD Adele worked as a professional chef for 18 years across the UK, Australia and New Zealand and Sweden.


BSc Honours Degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability from The University of Glasgow (2018).

MSc (Distinction) in Climate Justice from Glasgow Caledonian University (2019).


1+3 ESRC-funded studentship. SeNSS Human Geography Pathway


Under review:

Wylie, A., 2021. Eco-feminising professional kitchens for sustainable outcomes. Submitted to Gender, Work & Organisation


Wylie, A., 2020. Climate conscious professional kitchens? Analysing the Scottish food sector through a feminist lens.