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Dr Adeyinka Adewale

Associate Professor of Leadership Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Director of Studies, Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
Fellow, UK HEA

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  • Business Ethics in International Contexts, 
  • Entrepreneurship Education, 
  • Virtuous and Ethical Leadership


Henley Business School building room 227, Whiteknights campus

Dr Adeyinka Adewale is an Associate Professor of Leadership Ethics and Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School. He is the Director of Studies for the department of Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour.

Adeyinka's doctoral research was in the field of business ethics with a special focus on contexts, especially bureaucracies and their impact on employee morality. The research drew on socio-cognitive theories such as the Moral Identity theory and Kohlberg's Cognitive Moral Development theory within the pharmaceutical industry context of a developing country to understand how bureaucratic contexts interact with employees' moral identities. His current research focus spans business ethics, corporate social responsibility and entrepreneurship in the context of emerging economies.

He is a member of both Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability. His teaching portfolio covers undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Entrepreneurship, Organisational Behaviour, Business Ethics and the Degree Apprenticeship program.

Adeyinka regularly gives talks at academic conferences in Africa, Europe, the USA and Asia. He is also often invited to deliver keynote addresses and to facilitate training, seminars and workshops for business organisations, government institutions and professional bodies. He sits on the board of a number of organisations and charities in Africa and is an adviser to many small business owners globally.

Adeyinka is also a reviewer for top management journals. He has published his research in leading journals and with renowned management textbook publishers, including Edward Elgar and Taylor and Francis Group.

Reference: Abzug, R., Adewale, A. , André, R., Derfus, P., Hedges, P. and Shymko, Y. (2020) Making management (more) relevant: breaking down disciplinary walls and pursuing neglected independent variables. Journal of Management Education, 44 (5). pp. 651-662. ISSN 1052-5629 doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Adeyinka Adewale
Reference: Khalid, S. M. and Adewale, A. A. (2019) A tale of two theoretical cultures: expanding the application of Habermas’ communicative action and post-colonial theories in management studies and practices in Africa. In: Birkin, F. and Polesie, T. (eds.) Intrinsic Capability. World Scientific, pp. 111-123. ISBN 9789813225589 doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Adeyinka Adewale
Reference: Adewale, A. (2020) A model of virtuous leadership in Africa: case study of a Nigerian firm. Journal of Business Ethics, 161 (4). pp. 749-762. ISSN 1573-0697 doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Adeyinka Adewale
Reference: Namatovu, R., Dawa, S., Adewale, A. and Mulira, F. (2018) Religious beliefs and entrepreneurial behaviours in Africa: a case study of the informal sector in Uganda. Africa Journal of Management, 4 (3). pp. 259-281. ISSN 2332-2381 doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Adeyinka Adewale
Reference: Adewale, A. (2017) Does bureaucracy stifle moral agency? International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age, 4 (2). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2334-4539 doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Adeyinka Adewale
Reference: Adewale, A. A. and Khalid, S. K. (2016) Surviving in Africa: the response of multinational corporations to institutional deficiencies and their broader moral implications. In: Kazeroony, H., Puplampu, B. and Du Plessis, Y. (eds.) Sustainable Management Development in Africa: Building Capacities to Serve Africa Organizations. Routledge, pp. 141-156. ISBN 9781138887015
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Adeyinka Adewale
Reference: Adewale, A. A. (2016) Investigating the interaction between corporate bureaucracies and employees’ moral identities in explaining moral behaviour. PhD thesis, University of Reading.
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Adeyinka Adewale

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