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Professor Alex Moss

Visiting Professor

Alex Moss 75ehd5pf4


  • Global REITs, 
  • Fund management, 
  • Smart Beta

Alex has been involved in research and transactions in the global real estate sector for over 30 years. His career has encompassed award-winning sell side research (BZW), investment banking (CSFB), private equity (Apax Partners Capital), and fund management (M&G and Investec).

He formed AME Capital in 2002, which developed a proprietary database and analytical tool for all listed real estate companies and real estate securities funds globally. This business was sold to Macquarie Securities in 2008, where he stayed for over three years as Head of Global Property Securities Analytics.

In 2012 he formed Consilia Capital, a real estate investment advisory firm, and has developed an international institutional client base, as well as publishing regularly in academic journals. Consilia Capital specialises in the performance and strategies of real estate, infrastructure and real asset funds, combining academic research with practical applications.

He is Chairman of the EPRA Research Committee, and Chairman of the Investment Committee for the Investec Global Real Estate Securities Fund.


MA Economics of Finance and Investment , Exeter University


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