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Amina Arnaut

Amina Arnaut Photo 2021

My name is Amina Arnaut and I am a PhD student at the University of Reading, studying from Dubai, UAE.

While already holding a BA (Hons.) in Media and Journalism as well as an MSc in Digital Marketing, I am aiming to acquire a PhD at the University of Reading. My current goal is to enter the academic sphere and teach at a university level. Dabbling in the industry, I have provided research assistance to lecturers in gathering and analysing data in the past. I have also participated in academic presentations and guest speaking at institutions.

With regard to academic interests, research areas of which I am fond of is the exploration of how digital technology integration, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Augmented/Virtual Reality, affects, enhances processes or creates barriers in the sphere of marketing, specifically digital marketing, and further, how this impacts consumer behaviour, trust and marketing optimisation.

My academic achievements consist of first, completing my Bachelor’s dissertation on Millennial Existentialism via Shock News, and further completing my Master‘s dissertation on Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing, both of which received a distinction. In terms of other aspects of academic achievements, I had been awarded with the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the University’ title in my past years as head of the Writing Society at my previous university.

Taking on a PhD at the University of Reading is an exciting endeavour in paving my way to my future goals and aspirations.


- Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Journalism & Media
- Master of Science in Digital Marketing