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Andrew Binns

Co-Programme Director - Henley Strategic Innovation Programme

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  • Strategic Innovation



Andrew works with CEOs, boards, and senior teams as they lead significant business change. With twenty-five years of experience as both an external and internal consultant, he also held positions with McKinsey & Co. and the IBM Corporation before co-founding Change Logic.

He is a trusted advisor to senior teams at Fortune 500 companies across industries including insurance, technology, healthcare, and media. He has worked extensively with these firms to make and execute strategic choices to support business growth.

Drawing on nearly twenty years of research and work with innovators, he has written two books “Corporate Explorer: How Corporations Beat Startups at the Innovation Game (2022)” and “Corporate Explorer Fieldbook: How to Build New Ventures in Established Companies."

Andrew teaches on the Henley Strategic Innovation Programme.

SIP: Module 6 - Building Your Innovation Plan

This session will offer a synthesis of our innovation process, you will think through and capture findings and insights from the previous sessions that are relevant to your organisation. You...

SIP: Module 5 - Overcoming the Silent Killers

Strategic innovations marches to the beat of a different drum than core business operations, uncertainty is high. Managers cannot rely on the usual performance data to track progress. You will...

SIP: Module 4 - Developing a Venture Concept

A lack of resources for startups forces them to test their ideas with minimum expenditure until they have enough evidence to convince an investor to back them. Corporates can apply...

SIP: Module 3 - Deciding where to play

Companies often start the innovation journey by generating new ideas. The problem is that these ideas are defined inside-out, based on assumptions and beliefs the company has about market opportunities...

SIP: Module 2 - Applying Three Disciplines of Innovation

Corporates that succeed at strategic innovation set an explicit growth vision or ambition and then apply three distinct innovation disciplines to pursue that goal including: - Ideation to identify valuable...

SIP: Module 1 - Thinking Strategically

Strategy is often conflated with planning, and a key element of this process is usually analysis. This session will set the scene and offer an alternative model which suggests that...