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Caroline Hitchen

Executive Coach

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  • Meditation; mindfulness

Caroline has worked for Neal Training Ltd for nearly 30 years, formerly as Company Secretary before moving into the operational side of health club management and heart rate variability (HRV) analysis. As an experienced HRV analyst, she has worked with clients all over the world on HRV lifestyle assessment and stress management.

She is particularly interested in meditation and mindfulness as a stress management aid and is also a British School of Meditation qualified meditation teacher, working mainly with corporate groups. In addition to her interest in meditation, Caroline is also fascinated by the subconscious mind and, as a clinical hypnotherapist, works with clients to help remove deep-seated issues and blocks to their success and happiness.

Caroline started her career with an honours degree in Business and is also an experienced employment law practitioner. She worked in HR after graduating, initially with Booker plc and then as Director of HR for Biffa Waste Services Ltd. Caroline qualified as a solicitor in 2012 and still runs a small employment law consultancy. She has written three employment law books for small businesses and a book on stress management.