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Dr Bahram Mahmoodi Kahriz

Lecturer in Marketing

Bahram Mahmoodi Kahriz


  • Consumer motivation, attention and behavior, 
  • Emotions and emotion-regulation, 
  • Prosocial spending and decision making, 
  • Quantitative Methods, 
  • Constructive/destructive, (un)ethical behaviours in workplaces


Whiteknights campus

Dr Bahram Mahmoodi Kahriz is a lecturer in Marketing with expertise in consumer psychology and behaviour. His research focuses on the effect of emotions, motivation and attention control on behaviour in organisational and consumer settings

Bahram has a PhD in Marketing and Reputation from Henley Business School. Further, he holds another PhD in Psychology and worked as an Assistant Professor of Psychology before coming to the UK. His research investigates the often surprising consequences of various emotions on behaviour in organisational and consumer settings. His research has been published in the Journal of happiness studies and has been covered in various outlets such as the Guardian, the Observer, the Hill, and the Daily Mail.

Currently, Bahram is supervising PhD and MSc projects in the M&R department and was an advisor for Quantitative Techniques for DBA/PhD students at Henley Business School.

Consumer Behaviour

This module is designed to provide students with an understanding of the psychological and social factors that influence consumer behaviour before, during and after purchase and consumption in contemporary consumer...

Module code: MMM092