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Dr Denise Tsang


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  • High Tech Business Evolution, 
  • Globalization of Chinese Multinationals, 
  • Creativity and Talent Management, 
  • Cultute and International Management, 
  • Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Institutions


HBS 135 Whiteknights

Denise Tsang is of Chinese and SE Asian heritage. She is an author, a researcher, an editor, a speaker and a CMBE, and has a prior visiting position in top universities - Shandong, Bath and Manchester.

Denise graduated from the Education University of Hong Kong. She also obtained a first-class degree in Management and Business Administration from Reading University in 1994, and completed her PhD in Economics with a scholarship in 1998.

Institutions and Emerging Firms

As the global economic dominance shifts away from the USA and Europe, an understanding of firms originating from emerging economies is essential....

Module code: MM308

Comparative International Management

This module focuses on management variations across the globe. It is concerned with national variations in business system, innovation and organisation behaviour, and how these differences influence firm performance....

Module code: MM330