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Dr Denise Tsang


Dr denise tsang 397 3 Denise Tsang 75e5pfi5g


  • High Tech Business Evolution, 
  • Globalization of Chinese Multinationals, 
  • Creativity and Talent Management, 
  • Cultute and International Management, 
  • Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Institutions


HBS 135 Whiteknights

Denise Tsang is of Chinese and SE Asian heritage. She is an author, a researcher, an editor, a speaker and a CMBE, and has a prior visiting position in top universities - Shandong, Bath and Manchester.

Denise graduated from the Education University of Hong Kong. She also obtained a first-class degree in Management and Business Administration from Reading University in 1994, and completed her PhD in Economics with a scholarship in 1998.

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