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Dr Ekililu Salifu

Lecturer in Accounting

Admissions Tutor MSc Accounting

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  • Public private partnerships, 
  • Public sector accounting and accountability, 
  • Management accounting, 
  • Control systems in developing and emerging economies, 
  • Accounting and Neo-colonialism


Whiteknights campus

Dr Ekililu Salifu is a Lecturer at the Henley Business School, and has teaching and research interests in Financial reporting, management accounting and public sector accounting.

Ekililu Salifu joined the Henley Business School in 2017 as a Lecturer in Accounting. He earned his PhD in Accounting from the University of Essex, with his thesis examining the evaluation of value for money in operational NHS Private Finance Initiative projects. He also has a professional accountancy qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana), and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Ekililu's research interest is interdisciplinary and in large part underlined by the critical understanding of the role of accounting as a disciplinary, control, and surveillance mechanism on individuals, organisations and society. He draws from critical theory to unravel and provide insights into the role of accounting and governance structures in the (re)production of practices, and the related effects of power relations.

He is currently the Admissions Tutor for Accounting MSc programmes; Programme Director for MSc International Accounting and Finance; and a Deputy Director of Studies for BISA.

Reference: Alahmad A, M., Alasfour G., M. and Salifu, E. (2024) Users’ informativity and effective communication: the banking field in Kuwait. Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences. ISSN 2957-3521 (In Press)
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Ekililu Salifu
Reference: Roberts, D. and Salifu, E. (2023) The social construction of risk: evidence from UK banks. Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Journal, 18 (2). ISSN 2550-1631
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Ekililu Salifu
Reference: Barrios-Álvarez, C., Adhikari, P., Salifu, E. , Gómez-Mejía, A. and Giraldo-Villano, X. (2023) Reproduction of efficiency through management accounting practices: socio-economic, environmental and human consequences of NPM reforms. Financial Accountability & Management. ISSN 1468-0408 doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Ekililu Salifu
Reference: Salifu, E. , Stittle, J. and Khadaroo, I., (2018) Value for money in a sick PFI hospital: a Gramscian perspective. Working Paper. University of Reading
Henley faculty authors:
Dr Ekililu Salifu

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