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Dr. Gabriela Hartescu

Visiting Fellow in Marketing and Reputation

Gabriela Hartescu


  • International Trade Finance, 
  • Reputation, 
  • Marketing, 
  • Adult Learning and Leadership

Dr. Gabriela Hartescu is a distinguished authority in adult learning and leadership and has an excellent track record of guiding both European and national academic and vocational organizations to success.

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Gabriela Hartescu is a prominent figure in the finance and banking sector. Having held key positions such as CEO at the Romanian Banking Institute and member of the Board of Directors and Chairperson of Triple E EFCB Committee at the European Banking and Financial Services Training Association, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her current role as the Dean and board member at Envisia - Boards of Elite.

Gabriela's commitment to academic excellence is evident in her role as the Chair of the Academic Committee at the International Association for Sustainable Economy. Actively involved in esteemed professional associations, including the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment in the UK, the Association of the Romanian Financial and Banking Analysts and the Association of Independent Administrators, she is recognized for her significant contributions to the finance community.

Holding a PhD in Finance from the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Dr. Hartescu seamlessly integrates academic rigor with practical insights. As a sought-after speaker at conferences and industry events, her impactful perspectives contribute significantly to the broader discourse in corporate governance and finance subjects.

Dr. Gabriela Hartescu's multifaceted career reflects a commitment to excellence, making her a notable leader in both academic and professional circles.