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Dr Pamela Murray

Visiting Tutor

Pamela Murray


Pamela’s background in sports performance, psychology, coaching and mentoring is underpinned by a ‘person-first, performer-next’ orientation. Coached and mentored by esteemed artistic gymnastic coaches Chris Rankin of Scotland, and Anastasia and Magarit Mitokrastev of Bulgaria and Mexico, Pamela experienced the coaching process before becoming a practising and qualified coach.

Writer and tutor on the National Coaching Foundation’s first Professional Diploma in Coaching, Pamela has enjoyed contributing to the practice and theory of coaching. Collaborating with the ‘Grandfather of Sport Psychology’, Professor Miroslav Vanek of Czechia, Pamela explored performer metacognition and resilience. Externally examined by Coach Dr Ekkart Arbeit of the former German Democratic Republic, on her Doctor of Philosophy in Coaching Science, Pamela designed an inventory used in industry to facilitate high performance.

Pamela’s original ‘IS4’, Integrated Sports Science Support Strategy, intended to precisely attune performer sports science provision, was endorsed by the British Olympic Association, and adopted the National Coaching School of Canada. This synergistic yet multidisciplinary mindset Pamela applied to enhancing operational theatre deployment readiness. In her Royal Air Force [RAF] role as Commanding Officer for Leadership, Team & Personal Development, Pamela created the ‘Force Development Strategy’, a streamlined approach to enabling operational fluency through progressive exposure to performance realities and viability. Force Development was sanctioned by the RAF Command - Air Force Board and rolled out throughout the UK and overseas in Defence military training and operating bases.

Pamela designed and delivered the RAF Mentoring Scheme premiering the technique of motivational interviewing in this vital programme. As a core member of the inaugural RAF Leadership Centre visioning team, Pamela worked across the RAF on a myriad of significant initiatives such as reviewing attributes for Initial Officer Training. Pamela joined the Ministry of Defence and Equality Human Rights Commission Expert Working Panel culminating in a report to the Secretary of State.

External Examiner to Oxford Brookes International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring, Pamela maintains connections as Editorial Board Member for the International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring.

With peers, Pamela has searched for more efficacious means of fortifying children and young people’s wellbeing. More on this can be found in her blog piece