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Dr Renata Stenka

Associate Professor in Accounting

Programme Area Director for Accounting MSc Programmes

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G21, Henley Business School, Whiteknights campus

Dr. Renata Stenka is currently an Associate Professor in Accounting at Henley Business School. She is a member of the School Management Board and a Programme Area Director for Postgraduate Studies in Accounting and is involved in the development and delivery of several postgraduate courses.

Dr. Renata Stenka holds a visiting research position at the Institute of Finance at the University of Lugano in Switzerland and she has been involved in the delivery of the postgraduate accounting, finance and banking programmes.

She completed her PhD in financial accounting at the University of Liverpool in the UK and prior to moving to Henley Business School she held her first academic position at Keele University, UK. Prior to that she studied at the University of Szczecin in Poland and the University of Odense in Denmark where she was awarded a national scholarship by the Danish government to proceed to her doctoral research.

She has published in the top international journals such as Accounting, Organizations and Society, Critical Perspectives on Accounting and Accounting and Business Research. She is also a recipient of awards from the British Academy for her research projects.

Her current research interests consider convergence and compliance issues relevant to the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) worldwide with the specific focus on the political and institutional aspects of accounting change and regulation. Her work also explores rhetorical functions of the narrative and numerical aspects of financial disclosures. She is involved in a collaborative work with scholars from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

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International Financial Reporting 2

This module aims to develop further students’ critical knowledge and understanding of decision-useful stakeholder-related financial reporting by considering further examples of the financial reporting principles and methods that underlie the...

Module code: MMM063

Module convenor at postgraduate level - International Financial Reporting 1&2