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Dr Suzanne Pollack

Executive Fellow

Programme Director, The Leadership Programme

Suzanne Pollack 002

Suzanne is Programme Director for The Leadership Programme at Henley Business School and is also involved in other Henley programmes and coaching assignments. Her expertise lies in helping senior executives and top teams to reach their full potential through coaching and learning programmes and interventions.

Suzanne places a strong emphasis on achieving the highest level of personal performance to deliver excellent business and personal results. Her pragmatic approach draws on a blend of NLP, best business practice, her own senior leadership experience and proven psychological techniques, to enable executives to move forward.

She is skilled in using instruments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Firo-B, 360's and Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires. Her PhD was concerned with the experience and management of change. Her track record covers all parts of the globe and a wide variety of clients, ranging from small companies and NGOs to multinationals such as Shell and IBM. Suzanne has also worked with professional service firms and government departments.

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