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Professor Hafiz Mirza

Visiting Professor

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  • Investment and development in Japan and South East Asia, 
  • Human Resources and Expatriation, 
  • Developing country MNEs, 
  • Skills and business culture transfer by MNEs, 
  • Responsible investment

Hafiz Mirza is Visiting Professor of International Business at Henley Business School, University of Reading. He is an economist by background. For many years he has worked on the interface of academia and international organisations (including Chief of Investment Issues Research at the Division of Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD), leading to a large body of policy-orientated research and publication.

Professional and research activities

  • Developing country MNEs and South-South FDI
  • Responsible agricultural investment
  • Investing in the sustainable development goals
  • Regionalisation, Foreign Direct Investment and Poverty Reduction
  • Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Transfer in Economic Development
  • FDI in infrastructure, connectivity and development
  • Global and regional value chains in ASEAN development
  • Investing a low-carbon economy
  • Non-equity modes of international production
  • Multinational Enterprises as Agents for the Transmission of Business Culture
  • The International Transfer of Technology by Smaller Firms
  • Foreign Investment by Japanese Companies before the Pacific War
  • Factors Affecting International Joint Venture Partnership Success
  • MNEs, Human Resources and Expatriation
  • The Emerging Cultures of Capitalism