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Ilaria Mazzoli

Ilaria Mazzoli


  • Machine Learning, 
  • Computer Vision

Ilaria Mazzoli is a BISA PhD student currently working on her thesis: "A Machine Learning Visual Content analysis for customer engagement with businesses in Social Media platforms"

Ilaria's research focuses on leveraging machine learning techniques for visual content analysis to gain insights into how image features influence customer engagement on social media platforms. By applying advanced algorithms to large datasets of social media posts containing images, the research aims to identify specific visual elements, characteristics, and patterns that drive higher engagement metrics like likes and comments from customers. The goal is to uncover valuable knowledge about the impact of visuals, which could help businesses optimize their social media content strategies and campaigns for better customer engagement. Through computational analysis of image data combined with engagement data, the study seeks to provide actionable insights for marketers and brands to engineer more effective visual content tailored to their target audiences' preferences and behaviours. Ultimately, the application of machine learning promises to unlock the power of images in shaping customer interactions and resonating with them on visual-centric social media channels.


MSc in Digital Business and Data Analytics | Henley Business School | UK

MSc in Business Management and Organization | Università degli Studi di Udine | Italy

Bachelor’s in Business Management and Organization | Università degli Studi di Udine | Italy