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John Neal

Coach, Leadership and Team Developer

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  • Team Development, 
  • Management process, 
  • Coaching, 
  • Leadership in fast changing, pressurised environments

John is an exercise physiologist and performance psychologist who works with leaders and their teams to achieve remarkable results under intense pressure. He works across three industries – sports, business and the military. John is Professor of Practice in Sport Business Performance at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School.

John has a crafted an extensive and successful career working globally as a performance coach, preparing international and national leaders, coaches and their teams for twelve Olympic games and nine World Cups. He has worked in the Rugby Premiership and European Championship, The football Premiership, County Cricket Championships, F1, British Horse Racing and England Lacrosse, where he was chair and board member for seven years. He is currently Head of Coaching Performance at the Welsh Rugby Union.

John consults with a number of international business schools as an associate professor, he works with large global corporates like Coca-Cola and Swarovski, as well as with smaller, family businesses, and also with major charities. John also works at the Defence Leadership Academy at Shrivenham, and at NATO, the RAF, British Army and Navy, the British and Scottish Police services, GCHQ and the Abu Dhabi Police. He was also wellbeing advisor to the Royal Household for seven years.

John is Managing Director of Neal Training – a corporate health management system specialising in data-driven wellbeing using heart rate variability.