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Dr Karen Izod

Visiting Tutor

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Karen is a coaching practitioner, consultant and academic working in the field of organisational change and professional development. Her coaching practice focuses on enhancing and sustaining individual and organisational effectiveness at points of transition and change. She often works with internal consultants and change professionals who are designing and implementing change or concerned with building brand and reputation.

As a Founder and former Director of the Tavistock Institute’s Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development Certificate, Karen has additionally designed programmes to develop coaching skills in political leaders, and for companies building their in-house
coaching and consulting expertise. She also consults on the evaluation of a number of coaching programmes and initiatives.

Karen’s practice draws on expertise in group and organisational dynamics, relational psycho-social interventions and research, and utilises creative improvisational methodologies.

She works nationally and internationally in a range of sectors, principally, financial services, higher education, government and knowledge-based industries. Karen also works with small arts-based initiatives.

Karen is co-author of Resource-ful Consulting (2014) and co-editor of Mind-ful Consulting (2009)