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Leslie Bailey

Coach Mentor

Leslie Bailey


As a Coach working 121 with leaders or teams, Leslie quickly co-creates trust. Combining best practice coaching competencies with a pragmatic style, she believes relationships are the foundation of growth. Through her challenge and support, she offers access to new thinking, new perspectives and powerful outcomes.

She has a commercial background as a senior leader in investment and asset management, developing her coaching practice initially as an internal coach. She then moved to the role of Head of Coaching for a FTSE 100 financial services organisation. During this time she was tasked with embedding coaching as part of the leadership strategy and leading and developing the team of 140 strong coaches across the globe. Her aim of was to make coaching more available to more people across the organisation, seeing it a strategic tool for growth. Her growth as a coach over that time has taken her to build her learning and the impact she can have through team coaching qualifications and through tools and recourses such as NLP and Embodiment techniques.

Until recently, she was Director of Coaching in Organisations for the UK International Coaching Federation, leading the initiative and working with a broad spectrum of organisations looking to build coaching into strategy. In that role, she designed and delivered content to support thought leadership and lead an active organisational community network.

Much of her work today is focused on developing leaders through 121 coaching or coaching teams; a particular specialism is working with leaders to coach more, delivering specialist programmes in organisations across different sectors.