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Professor Lilya Mergaliyeva

Visiting Researcher

Lilya Mergaliyeva Photo


  • Economics and Management, 
  • Management and Leadership, 
  • Organisational Behavour

Professor Lilya Mergaliyeva is a Visiting Researcher of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies at Henley Business School.

With over 20 years of experience specialising in the economics of emerging markets and entrepreneurship, Lilya has practical insights into strategic sectors of the economy, state enterprises and Eurasia's economic integration difficulties, which has resulted in seven published books and over 100 articles. Her academic journey has fortified her with a methodical approach to business development and her hands-on involvement with startups and SMEs have broadened her viewpoints shared in the classroom.

Her dedication to research and commitment to personal and professional growth led her to esteemed appointment as the Head of the Department for Economics and Management at Makhambet Utemisov West Kazakhstan University, where she introduced innovative teaching methodologies and enhanced the curriculum. Her achievements have been recognised by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, which awarded her Breastplates in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2017. She was bestowed with the title ‘Teacher of the Year'.

Lilya holds a DSc (Doctor of Science) and PhD in Economic and Management from Turan University, Kazakhstan. Recognising the nuances and challenges associated with starting, managing and scaling small businesses in emerging economies, Lilya pursued top-tier education in the UK to sharpen her pragmatic approach. She graduated from Warwick Business School's full-time MBA and achieved the Sloan Master in Strategy and Leadership at London Business School.