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Dr Linghe Lei

Lecturer in Leadership

Linghe Lei Updated Photo


  • Leadership, 
  • Authenticity, 
  • Self-Monitoring


Edith Morley building room 262, Whiteknights campus

Dr Linghe Lei is a Lecturer in Leadership at Henley Business School.

She specialises in the intricate relationship between individual differences and leadership, with an emphasis on authenticity and self-monitoring, informed by a global perspective. Linghe's current research focuses on self-monitoring, authenticity and leadership. She is also committed to illuminating areas often overshadowed in research and practice, such as women and minority groups.

Her extensive professional background provides a multifaceted foundation for her passion for organisational behaviour. This passion emanated from a profound desire to understand and nurture the unique strengths of individuals within organisational contexts. She asserts that uncovering one's authentic passions is both an intrinsic life goal and a source of enduring meaning, as well as empowering effective leadership.

After accumulating significant professional experience in China, Linghe furthered her academic journey at Vanderbilt University, US. She then completed her doctoral studies at Imperial College London, UK.

Her diverse work experiences in human resources, training, teaching and coaching spans China, the US and the UK, granting her a broad global perspective that enriches both her research and pedagogical approaches. Her works have been presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meetings.