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Lyndsey's research interest: Corporate Governance, Board Oversight, ESG, Corporate Sustainability, Business Stategies, Risk Management (including ESG Risks, Reputation Risks and other business risks).

Lyndsey Zhang has over 20 years of extensive corporate experience working with and serving on the board of directors as an executive director with Western and Chinese multinational companies in the automation manufacturing, clean and renewable energies, and solar technology sectors. She is passionate about advancing her knowledge and contributing her research findings toward corporate governance and ESG theories for the ESG integration challenges that global corporate boards encounter.

Illinois-licensed CPA, US
Certified Independent Board Director, US
Master of Science in Accountancy from Illinois State University, US
MBA from New York Institute of Technology, US
Bachelor of Science in Economics from Xiamen University, China

Publication on Governance Magazine (UK)
- May issue 2021 (321): ESG revolution in the US
- February issue 2021 (318): What really happened to Ant Group’s IPO
- October issue 2020 (314): China Companies’ VIE structure
- July issue 2020 (311): Governance in China

Regular publications with corporate governance and ESG articles on Global Finance Magazine (US) .
- Sep. Issue 2021: China Debuts National Carbon Trading Market
- Jun. Issue 2021: China Minority Shareholders Find Louder Voice
- May Issue 2021: ESG Movement Advances in China