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Mads Wedell-Wedellsborg

Lecturer in International Business and Strategy

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  • International Business, 
  • Strategy, 
  • Leadership, 
  • Business Management, 
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching, 


Room 149, Henley Business School, Whiteknights

Mads Wedell-Wedellsborg is a Lecturer in international business and strategy with research interests in strategic leadership and top management team composition.

His teaching experience covers various modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, focusing on strategic management, international business, marketing and strategy. He is passionate about creating a vivid and engaging learning experience, particularly focusing on interdisciplinary teaching and discussions.

Mads focuses his research on different aspects of the Executive Succession process, including departures, Selection, pay and Retention. In addition, his research looks at the creation of strategic agility through leadership in the largest multinational enterprises. Current research projects include an investigation of CEO pay following succession in firms engaging in financial misconduct; non-CEO succession in Fortune 500 Global firms; and optimal composition for enabling strategic performance.

Mads is a reviewer for leading journals in the field of Management, Organisational Studies and International Business.

Management Debates: ways of thinking about business

This module introduces students to key ideas and debates that pertain to the study of business and management. It exposes students to the intellectual foundations on which many well-known management...

Module code: MM1F19

  • MSc in International Finance from EADA Business School (Barcelona)
  • MSc in International Business from Aston University
  • BSc in International Business & Politics from Copenhagen Business School

Management Debates: An interdisciplinary approach to teaching and assessing first-year undergraduate business and management students. Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Conference, Belfast (May, 2022)

Changing the Sails to steer in the wind: Conceptualising top management succession. EIASM Top Management Team Workshop, Paris (April, 2022)

Getting Paid when books are cooked: Exploring initial CEO pay in the aftermath of financial misconduct. EIASM Top Management Team Workshop, Paris (April, 2022)

Changing the Sails to steer in the wind: Conceptualising top management succession. AIB-UKI Chapter, Reading(April, 2022)

  • Management Debates: Ways of Thinking about Business (MM1F19)
  • Markets, Marketing & Strategy (MM1F12)