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Mathy Vandhana Sannasi

Mathy Vandhana Sannasi


  • Data analytics, 
  • Healthcare, 
  • Business Informatics

Mathy Vandhana Sannasi is a Doctoral Researcher in Business Informatics at Henley Business School, under the supervision of Dr. Markos Kyritsis and Dr. Stephen Gulliver, and is currently working on "Affective Computing: Detecting Emotional Facial Expressions and Classifying User Affective State"

Areas of interests: Machine learning, Emotion studies, Neuroscience


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University India
  • PG program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence, Great lakes Institute of Management India
  • MSc in Business Technology Consulting, Henley Business School, University of Reading
  • Associate Fellow (AFHEA) (Teaching)

Thesis abstract: The ability to identify facial expressions has considerable business and industry potential in a wide range of areas (e.g., driving and road safety, national and home-land security, healthcare, etc.). Detecting emotional faces is a trivial process for the human visual system. In fact, masking experiments (where an e.g., fearful face is quickly replaced by a neutral face) indicate that a physiological response to the presence of a fearful face exists even in the absence of conscious awareness. The same ease, however, does not exist within state of art image processing algorithms, where facial expression algorithms require huge training sets (i.e. often in the hundreds of thousands), decomposed into eigenspace, in order to detect basic features of face detection. In this project the PhD researcher will be working towards identifying the most effective factors for decomposition of the big data techniques to support affective automation of this emotional face detection.