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Ogeday Celep

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  • Asymmetric Categorisation and Identification Problem in Digital Virtual Consumption

Following his MSc thesis focusing on multi-sided market interactions at platform level to understand consumer valuation under extreme convenience, he has further decided to analyze later stages of platform development during his PhD.

Currently, his research focuses on (1) consumer perception and categorization of digital virtual goods leading to an analysis of identification and valuation asymmetries in subscriber construal, (2) identification of origins and investigation of resolution mechanisms of social dilemmas in a digital context, and (3) behavioral monotonicity and interactional stagnation in post-growth platforms with an emphasis on the role of behavioral mimicry.

His birth chart marks Icarus conjunct MC 9th house in Scorpio, however, Magdalena conjunct AC conjunct Neptune in Capricorn probably explains a lot more. As a proud beta and alpha tester for many expansions and a fervent gamer, feel free to contact me when you need a raid healer and to discuss interesting ideas, theories and thoughts on anything digital or virtual or remotely intangible which needs to be quantified. Alternatively, Keristrasza quotes are always good conversation starters:

“Preserve? Why? There's no truth in it.”

Cognitive Capitalism, Leisure Studies, (Evolutionary) Game Theory, Game Studies, Digital Externalities, Liminality, Extended (Digital) Self, Virtual Goods, Symbolic Consumption, Psychoanalysis, Digital Commons and Welfare, Multi-Sided Markets, Platform Economics, MMORPGs, Virtual Worlds.

Qualifications and Publications

MSc Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship with Disciplinary Minor in Life Sciences, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Lausanne)

BSc Bioengineering and Biological Sciences with Honorary Minor in Mathermatics, Sabanci University (Istanbul)