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Ole Petter Anfinsen

Board Specialist

Mr Ole Petter Anfinsen Photo by Kjetil Muri Skarstein


Ole Petter Anfinsen is a senior executive and academic with more than 18 years of leadership experience, managing intricate stake- and shareholder relationships, including 10 years of operating at a c-suite level. He combines his expert knowledge of the c-suite, leadership, and health with a deeper understanding of psychological well-being. He is the Executive Director of the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Council, the founder of AEHP and co-author of the book Quality of Life. He holds multiple degrees and certificates, including an MBA and MSc from Henley Business School where he also is in the process of completing a Doctor of Business Administration – focused on c-suite executive role determined discretion and the influence on psychological wellbeing.

“My goal is to help organisations and individuals to excel, while creating the highest value, increasing performance, and optimising profits”