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Sumayyah Jad

Sumayya Jad


  • Data Science and Analytics, 
  • Technology & Innovation Adoption, 
  • Technology & Management Consultancy, 
  • Public Sector, 
  • Private Sector, 
  • Semi-Gov Sector

Sumayyah Jad is a BISA PhD student and aspiring practitioner aiming to bridge that gap between academia and industry.

Sumayya Jad is a doctoral researcher at Henley Business School, University of Reading. Aiming to bridge the gap between academia and practice, Sumayya is interested in studying Analytics Adoption in professional contexts within the public and private sectors. Majoring in Government Informatics, Sumayya is studying the adoption of data-supported decision-making in the UK Local Government, and the influence of the context's dual leadership (political and managerial) on the adoption. Sumayya is an experienced Business & System Analysis and Data Analytics & Science practitioner.