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Verity Hannell

Lecturer in Coaching for Behavioural Change

Verity Hannell Photo


  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching, 
  • Employee Mental Ill-Health, 
  • Workplace Wellbeing, 
  • Boundary Conditions of Coaching Practice


Room GB2, Greenlands campus

Verity Hannell is a Lecturer in Coaching for Behavioural Change at Henley Business School.

As an award winning executive coach and organisational psychology doctoral researcher, Verity has over 10 years of coaching and consultancy experience, specialising in mental health and wellbeing. Before becoming a member of faculty she previously completed the Henley Business School MSc Coaching for Behavioural Change course, where she discovered her love of researching.

Verity's research into mental health within coaching practice has gained global recognition. This has led to her presenting her research findings at many international coaching events, facilitating engaging and interactive workshops and discussions about mental health. In 2022, Verity was honoured to be named British HR Coach of the Year for her pioneering research.

She is now an organisational psychology doctoral researcher exploring experiences of mental ill-health at work. She has worked with organisations, coaching companies and professional bodies to raise awareness of mental health, providing training so coaches and employees can engage confidently and ethically with mental health. She is also an advocate for mental health inclusivity within coaching and the workplace.

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