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Huawei ICT Academy (HICTA)

Huawei ICT Academy (HICTA)

University of Reading Huawei ICT Academy (HICTA) is an executive training & research centre through those collaboration between Huawei and University of Reading. HICTA is also engaged in research and innovation in ICT related areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and their application in wide business areas.

The training provided by Huawei ICT Academy include technical certification courses authorised by Huawei, and executive training programmes accredited by the University of Reading, such as Digital Leadership, Enterprise & IT Architecture, and Business Technology Consulting. We are engaged in various joint research projects across domains such as healthcare, digital transformation and smart city.

Since it was established in 2015, HICTA has been offering technical certification training to attendees in industry in the UK, Europe and internationally. We have also been running Huawei certified programmes to students in higher education institutions and also other training courses to further develop students’ competencies and applicational skills in technical and management fronts.

With great support from both the University and Huawei, HICTA was awarded as one of the 'best performing Huawei ICT Academy 2021'. On top of our student training, we offer executive training programmes endorsed by Henley Business School such as digital leadership, enterprise and IT architecture and business technology consulting. Many of the programmes delivered over the years are customised in response to the requirements of the clients in industry and public sectors from UK, China and elsewhere globally.

Huawei ICT Academy Support Centre

Since 2021, HICTA has been authorised by Huawei as the academy support centre in the UK, which supports the development of Huawei ICT Academies in the colleges and universities in the UK. For the newly established and potential ICT academies, HICTA offers a wide range of support including qualification and delivery skills training for academy trainers, operation support for academy administers, and online open sessions for academy students. If your school is interested in becoming a Huawei ICT Academy, please feel welcome to contact for further detailed information.

Past Achievements

  • The first Huawei ICT Academy in the UK
  • The first university in Europe authorised as Huawei ICT Academy Support Centre
  • "The best performing Huawei ICT Academy" worldwide in 2021
  • Long term strategic partner with Huawei (UK) and is the first Huawei ICT Academy to introduce placement scheme with Huawei
  • Huawei ICT Academy at University of Reading achieve the full certification authorisation
  • The exclusive official partner to support Huawei (UK&Ireland) in 2018 UK Worldskills competition
  • The exclusive official partner to support Huawei ICT competition (Western Europe) 2017/18 and 2019/20

HCIA Certified Courses

Huawei ICT Academy is a collaborative centre between University of Reading Henley Business School and Huawei, focusing on professional training and research innovation.

Huawei ICT Academy offers executive and technical trainings for specialised certificates authorised by Huawei and accredited by Henley Business School and the University of Reading. Please click here for more information about the course.

Direction Courses
Direction: Cloud Courses: HCIA- Cloud Computing
Courses: HCIA- Storage
Courses: HCIA- Big Data

Courses: HCIA- Artifitial Intelligence
Direction: Network Courses: HCIA-Routing and Switching

Courses: HCIA-Security

Courses: HCIA-WLAN

The updated timetable of Huawei ICT Academy Training Courses can be found in our upcoming events & course registration page.

*the specific time may change subject to students' availability.

For requesting further information or registering in our courses, please feel free to contact or

Programme structure

Most of the programmes listed are extra-curricular so will be scheduled on weekends during term time and weekdays in off-term time.

Each course comprises 20 hours lectures and 1.5 hours for certificate exam.

Location and dates

Courses are planned to take place mainly at Henley Business School as well as other sides by agreement with our customers.

* Due to the Covic-19, all the courses will be moved to online access.

Course details for 2022/23 are shown above in our update course calendar.

Fees (*The fees include tuition, study material and exam registration cost.)

£1,200- Non- student member

£800- Non-University of Reading student

£650- University of Reading staff

£600- University of Reading student

Entry requirements

Students and course participants, who wish to enter the courses, can be from all levels and disciplines.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding Huawei ICT Academy and the HCIA training courses, please contact us by:

Jin Jin

If you have any queries please contact the Executive Director for Huawei ICT Academy,

Telephone: 01183788873