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DTA Products and Services

Apart from providing digital skills training, DTA also offers customised programmes to meet specific requirements of the clients in industry and public sectors develop their digital insights into the real business world, as shown in the following examples.

Leadership for Digital Transformation

- for Senior Executives and Leaders

Through this programme, delegates can strengthen their leadership quality and skills to better navigate in the complex word for digital transformation and drive their company towards a greater success. Contents/visits are customised to the attendees' requirements. Click here for past successful cases.


The training programme normally lasts for 5 days. Multiple venues across various countries for delivering the course are available.

  • Trends and challenges in digital transformation.
  • Leadership theory, model, capability and practice
  • Transformation journey and managed change
  • Digital business ecosystems for value co-creation
  • Leadership transformation journey in workplace
“In digital transformation, we know where we are going, but confirmations with sound academic ground made us more confident.”
A programme participant from UAE du

Future Digital Leadership

- for Digital Talents and Middle Level Managers

Through this programme, participants can equip themselves with the knowledge and leadership skills. They can use these skills to build a foundation in business strategy, planning, and execution. This foundation is essential for successful digital transformation in a business. Contents/visits are customised to the attendees' requirements. Click here for past successful cases.


An example curriculum (modules can be customised accordingly) :

Day Course Name (AM) Course Name (PM)
Monday Management and Leadership Digital Technologies and Vertical Industry
Tuesday Strategy and Competitive Business Digitalisation and Servitisation in Business
Wednesday Financial Management & Governance Digital Business Ecosystems
Thursday Leadership Qualities and Competences in Business Digital Strategy & Transformation
Friday Interactive Workshop: from strategy to implementation Interactive Workshop: producing/presenting outcomes
“The course design is professional. I used to know little about digital transformation, but now I deeply understand the various applications of digital skills in all aspects of life. This summer course has changed my thoughts about future career development and helped me discover my career interests.”
A programme participants from Guangzhou University

Digital Skills and Technology Courses

- for Non-specialists and University Students

These courses focus on developing digital skills and technology for industry professionals and university students. Course design is aligned with the latest trend of technology development and is credited by leading ICT companies.

Short-term Digital Skill Training Courses

Successfully finishing the course will result in a Certificate of Completion from Henley Business School.

Course Name Course Overview Contents Duration
Excel Your Career- intensive course on Microsoft Excel After completing the course, you will use advanced operations of Excel software, including layout, interface and worksheet structure. Input management/ Data analysis & visualisation/ Pivot table/ Formula for diverse working scenarios 2 days
Empower your career with Python - intensive course on Python Programming After completing the course, you will understand basic syntax of the Python programming and master the skills of importing and implementing Python library packages for file management and data analysis. Machine learning/ Python basis 2 days
Industrial Certified Training

Successfully finishing the course and examination will result in a Certificate of Completion from Huawei/Alibaba.

Alibaba Cloud Academy (ACA)

Alibaba Cloud Academy (ACA) offers training solutions, including live instructor-led and self-paced e-learning options; as well as a wealth of resources, e.g. study guides and practice exams, to support learner communities and ACA-certified professionals.

Course Name Course Overview Contents Duration
ACA-Database This course is designed to help the audience to know details of Alibaba Cloud offered fully managed data services. Alibaba Cloud's Database products portfolio/ OLTP, OLAP,NoSQL and HTAP related business data processing scenarios/ Alibaba Cloud database products console 20 hours
ACA-Cloud Computing This course will help build a solid grounding for you to gain a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing and its complexities. Visualisation technology/ Visualisation of computing resources/ Visualisation of network resources/ Future trends of Cloud Computing 20 hours
ACA-Cloud Networking This course aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to obtain a professional certificate in building Alibaba Cloud Networking solutions. Cloud network architecture/ Network solution implementation/ Network security/ Network management and optimisation 20 hours

Huawei ICT Academy (HICTA)

Huawei's HICTA provides learners with skills and knowledge needed to design, deploy, and maintain ICT solutions.

Course Name Course Overview Contents Duration
HCIA- Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a technology that enables users to access and utilise computing resources, such as servers, storage, and applications over the Internet on-demand. Visualisation/ Cloud storage, networking and security/ Cloud services models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)/ Cloud deployment models 20 hours
HCIA-AI Artificial Intelligence(AI) is evolving rapidly and is used in almost every industry. Our programme will introduce you to TensorFlow, the basis of mathematical modelling, and Python. Python programming basics/ TensorFlow overview/ Deep learning 20 hours
HCIA-Big Data Big data plays a huge role in the ICT industry and studying with us will allow you to stay at the forefront of development in this sector. Development trends within the big data industry/ Fundamental principle of big data/ Huawei Fusion insight: architecture, function and successful application 20 hours

If you are interested in signing up to the course, or have any questions, please send you enquiries to and