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DTA 10-Day Future Leader Summer Camp Programme

This program will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and capitalize on opportunities in the digital age, align digitalization with business strategies, cultivate leadership abilities, navigate the digitalization wave, and comprehend the significance of an international perspective in digital leadership.

Programme Design
Future Leader Modules
Digital transformation trend
Digital innovation
Digital Leadership
Entrepreneurial leadership
AI and emerging digital technologies
Expert panel feedback
British cultural experience

DTA Post-doctoral Development Programme

This programme aims to support early-career researchers to develop their understanding and capacity of digital leadership and management, to inspire research interest and insight in the trended research topics related to digital transformation, including strategic management, international finance, and governance in the context of digital transformation. It also offers opportunities to connect with the active and leading researchers for research collaboration and co-authorship.

The candidates successfully completed the programme will be rewarded with a completion certificate issued by Digital Talent Academy, Henley Business School, and a reference issued by the programme director.

The training schedule of this programme consists of online and offline parts.

Online induction (1 day)

Topic 1: Overview of the digital era

Topic 2: Study method in the UK university and preparation

Onsite training (5 days in the UK)
Day Activities
Day 1 Opening ceremony
Topic 1: Embracing opportunities and challenges in the digital era
Topic 2: Assessment briefing
Day 2 Topic 1: Digital innovation
Topic 2: Get an insight of financial statement and corporate governance in digital time
Day 3 Industry visit in London
Day 4 Topic 1: Collaborative leadership for digital transformation
Topic 2: AI and emerging digital technologies: value and implication on business and university graduates
Day 5 Topic 1: Entrepreneurial leadership
Topic 2: Presentation and assessment

Online summary (1 day)

Topic 1: Making a Difference as a Leader: Developing your Leadership Style and Influence in digital era

Topic 2: Online masterclass of AI and cloud computing

Available training slots
Training activity Training date
Cohort 1
Online induction 16 Mar 2024
Onsite training in the UK 14-21 Jul 2024
Online summary 8 Aug 2024
Training activity Training date
Cohort 2
Online induction 18 May 2024
Onsite training in the UK 4-11 Aug 2024
Online summary 28 Aug 2024
Training activity Training date
Cohort 3
Online induction 15 Jun 2024
Onsite training in the UK 18-25 Aug 2024
Online summary 11 Sep 2024