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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Current Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects

ActiveOps Limited

ActiveOps Limited is a management process automation software company based in Reading. The vision for the 30-month project is to create a self-sustaining Operational Research and Development capability within the company using complex Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, combined with the latest academic theory in Operations Management. The project kick-off meeting is scheduled for 17th February 2021.

  • Lead Academic: Dr Keiichi Nakata
  • Academic Supervisor: Dr Mona Ashok
  • Supporting Academic: Dr Markos Kyritsis
  • Total project value: £216,432

Previous Projects:

BISA has a strong history of KTP projects. The following table shows a selection of recently completed KTP projects.

Company Name Objective Start Finish Lead Academic KB Supervisor
OLM Systems Ltd To develop and take to market tools which allow health and social care organisations to access the huge textual sentiment data contained within clinical records. 2nd Jan 2015 28th Jun 2017 Dr Keiichi Nakata Dr Keiichi Nakata
Hi-Level Mezzanines Limited (with School of Systems Engineering) To develop a collaborative management system to enhance operational analytics and decision making capability. 29th Apr 2013 27th Apr 2015 Dr Lily Sun, Dr Stephen Gulliver Sam Perry
United Bible Societies Association To develop an internal knowledge management system, embedding and mobilising knowledge, and enabling sharing of best practice in a global, distributed and collaborative business environment. 7th March 2013 19th Jun 2017 Prof Kecheng Liu Dr Lily Sun, Claire Collins
System Associates Limited To assess market requirements and develop the commercial framework and overarching software architecture for the core components of a new range of Web 3 products. To assess the available technologies and lead the technical development of the core components of the new products, and to include developing standalone functionality. 31st Jan 2011 14th Apr 2014 Prof Kecheng Liu Dr Keiichi Nakata
DIYFraming Ltd To develop a suitable platform which integrates existing and new applications to provide the technical systems required for rolling out new business franchise business model. 31st Jan 2011 31st Mar 2013 Dr Lily Sun Dr Keiichi Nakata
Rushey Green Group Practice (Shorter KTP) To devise appropriate marketing mechanisms to commercialise and fully exploit the IT solutions (TREAT and Smart Forms systems) which were developed during the Previous Project in order to maximise the quality of the relevant NHS operations. 21st Jun 2010 Dr Lily Sun Prof Kecheng Liu
Airinmar Ltd Bus. Int. 3 To design and develop a complete Business Intelligence system to automatically manage the key business processes. 3rd Aug 2009 3rd Feb 2012 Dr Yinshan Tang Dr Stephen Gulliver
Airinmar Ltd (Security) To enhance the system and network security for the B2B system. 13th Jul 2009 12 Jul 2011 Dr Yinshan Tang Dr Stephen Gulliver
Dytecna Ltd 2 To develop benchmarking tools to allow the company to bid and manage projects with increasing effectiveness and within budget. 23rd Oct 2006 8th Nov 2009 Dr Yinshan Tang Prof Kecheng Liu
Rushey Green Group Practice To design, implement and test an integrated software system for linking digital pens to forms and databases in GP, secondary care trusts and associated healthcare services. 26th Sep 2006 21st Oct 2009 Prof Kecheng Liu
Arinmar Ltd To migrate, redesign and re-engineer a business critical legacy system to an integrated business solution and web applications with new and improved functionalities. 1st Feb 2006 19th Jun 2009 Prof Kecheng Liu Dr Yinshan Tang
Dytecna Ltd To develop a software system to identify through life cost of building services to be used by the construction industry and other industrial sectors. 30th Aug 2005 24th Dec 2008 Prof Kecheng Liu D Clements-Groome
Orchestr8 Orchestr8 Ltd and the IRC jointly conducted the project which delivered a demand-driven supply chain management system. 1st May 2005 4th May 2013 Dr Lily Sun Corin Gurr

Other partnership projects:

Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness (KBCC) Enhancing Competitiveness and Prosperity (2015-2019)

To provide a platform for communication, collaboration and knowledge-creation intended to promote the global competitiveness of Kazakhstan and support the internationalization of Kazakhstani businesses in co-operation with regional development agencies. Relevant links:

  • Lead Academics: Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Dr Ewan Simpson, Professor Kecheng Liu
  • Other team members: Dr Maksim Belitski, Dr Weizi (Vicky) Li, Mukhametjan T. Elemanov, Maxin Romanov, Dr Christian Nygaard, Sarah Ali