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For over 40 years we have stood at the forefront of teaching and research in international business. We continue to help define the research agenda in the fields of international business and international business history. Biennially we hold international conferences at Henley Business School, examining the latest topics and research in these fields. Alongside some of the world's most distinguished academics, we attract leading experts from organisations ranging from MNEs to NGOs.

Faculty are regularly interviewed in the media and consult for international bodies and governments as well as large and small firms.

Research in International Business and Strategy is driven by our two research centres:

The Dunning Centre for International Business

The Dunning Centre for International Business is dedicated to further developing and employing the 'Reading approach' to the analysis and evaluation of international business. Its research straddles the fields of international business and strategic management and balances the necessity of a deep theoretical grounding with the added value of a strong applied focus. The Centre focuses on critical issues relating to strategies of multinational enterprises, globalisation and international business regulation, and foreign direct investment.

Centre for International Business History (CIBH)

The Centre for International Business History strives to promote the study of the past development and future evolution of business strategy in an international and comparative context. Projects include work on externalities and innovation, the evolution of international retailing, and the global film industry. Centre members have attracted research grants from external sources totalling in excess of £1.4m. Of this, over £300,000 has come from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Other grants have been received from the Leverhulme Trust, the Nuffield foundation, the EU and the British Academy.

Projects and publications