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The Forum brings together business practitioners, industry thought-leaders and world-class academics to develop new insights to these challenges. Our ongoing programme of workshops, seminars, discussion groups and highly focused research projects tackles current, real-world knowledge, learning and change issues affecting organisations. Click here for more information.

The Henley Forum is an academic research centre within Henley Business School. Our research and development activities are funded by subscriptions from our Members and through gifts from donors. Thank you to all our Members, and to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for their generous gift. Your contributions enable us to continue to work with our organisational partners to generate insights designed to help organisations to know, learn, adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing world.

20 years of Developing Dynamic Organisations

We have released a special 20th Anniversary booklet, reflecting on and showcasing the wealth of knowledge and insight we have co-created with our members over the last 20 years. This booklet consolidated 20 Top Tips and 20 Questions for Reflection to develop knowledgeable practice. You can access a copy of the booklet with links to all previous Henley Forum projects and resources here.

Henley Forum Knowledge

Knowledge Flow

This regular magazine is curated by the Henley Forum team as a way of bringing topics of interest to the attention of subscribers. It offers a blend of short reads and easy viewing and listening links; an easily digestible and visually appealing collection of material from reputable sources.

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For more information please contact Ellie Done, support administrator to the Henley Forum.

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