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Projects & activities

The Henley Forum is engaged in several ongoing research projects throughout the year.

Research Projects 2020


1. Meaningful measurement in a dynamic environment

When change never stops, it becomes hard to evaluate what difference KM, OL, and OD programmes make. So, in unpredictable and dynamic circumstances, the question becomes how can any organization meaningfully assess the strategic importance and value from knowledge, learning and change activities?

2. In it for the long haul: Rising to the challenge of sustaining KM & OD

Knowledge Management (KM) brings with it the promise of delivering competitive advantage and organisational value. However, in order to realise this value in a successful and sustainable way, it is imperative that an organisation’s KM in turn is also sustainable.

Organisation Development (OD) too offers strategic advantage through enhancing organisational effectiveness and providing practices to help land change with people. There has been growth in OD in the UK over the past decade or so, but in the US, OD practitioners have been concerned about sustaining OD practice for just as long.

Working in highly dynamic, unpredictable and demanding environments, the question emerges, how might we ensure an organisation’s sustained engagement with KM and OD to deliver ongoing strategic value?

3. Energy commitments in change: Sustaining engagement and avoiding fatigue

Given the high rate of change experienced in organisations, employees are increasingly being asked to simultaneously commit their energy to multiple work tasks and one or more change processes. Yet energy is a limited resource, so employees must make choices about where to direct their energy at any given time.

With increasing demands, an individual’s available energy pool is spread thinner and thinner, making it essential to understand how individuals choose to commit their energy to work tasks vs. change activities, and what impact these choices have on overall work/change engagement and fatigue?

The Collaboration Maze game

In an increasingly complex world, it’s no longer possible for one person, one team, or even one organisation to succeed on their own. Collaboration is no longer optional. Yet, in the real world, it is rarely straightforward.


The game for 5-6 players who play against the clock in order to achieve their goal.

  • It’s novel
  • It’s memorable
  • And it’s serious fun!

The content and format for this game were developed during 2015 and 2016 as part of a Henley Forum action research project with 10 large organisations and 15 highly committed professionals. It shares key learning from a Henley Forum research project in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Henley Forum members can download copies of The Collaboration Maze for use in their own organisation, along with the full facilitator’s guide, from the Henley Forum Members website. If you are not yet a Henley Forum member, we can run a session for you. Please contact for details.

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