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Our 2022 theme: Transition in a changing world

Your world

A recurring theme we are seeing emerge through our conversations with Henley Forum organisational partners is people trying to figure out the practicalities of new working patterns and practices.

How do we do this hybrid working thing that we have all been talking about over the past year or so?

Other questions we have been hearing include:

  • Beyond the policy, what does hybrid working look like, in practice?
  • How do we reap the benefits and make it work for us?
  • What do we need to watch out for?
  • Who’s doing it well? What can we learn from other sectors?
  • What’s coming down the line? How can we be ready for it?

In transition

There is a clear sense of movement. We have moved beyond talk into action.

Transition is the process of passing or developing from one form, stage, or state to another. It is often a time of great flux. It is a period when boundaries are explored and emerging identities are formed.

Transition focuses attention on where we have been (‘from what’), and what we have gained along the way (‘with what’), to where we are heading (‘to what’). It also focuses attention on the process or paths that we might take to get there (‘how we’re going’), and the progress we are making (‘how we’re doing’).

In a changing world

Clearly, the world remains highly volatile and uncertain. So, successful transition requires new knowledge and learning about what is changing (‘in what’) in order to adapt and innovate (‘now what’).

Henley Forum programme

The theme ‘Transition in a changing world’ will underpin our Henley Forum members’ programme for April 2022 – March 2023. As ever, we will consider this theme from multiple perspectives, so you can develop actionable insights that are most appropriate for your own world.

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