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2021 Events & Activities Calendar

Our 2021 theme: Sustaining and securing connections

The connections between people came under under enormous scrutiny in 2020. We became acutely aware of keeping physical distance between people. Yet, as we lived and worked at a distance from one another, it also became clear that maintaining social connection had never been more important.

Technology provided a valuable enabler in providing channels to stay connected, to collaborate and to share valuable knowledge and learning. Yet, as we have come to rely more than ever on digital systems to keep us connected, some of the tools have amplified poor management and meeting practices, and vulnerabilities in technologies and their usage have been under attack.

The challenge of sustaining and securing connections is multifacetted:

  • sustaining and securing human connections matters for wellbeing and engagement
  • sustaining and securing collaborative connections matters for knowledge and learning
  • sustaining and securing organisational connections (leadership and culture) matters for performance
  • sustaining and securing technological connections (information risk and security) matters for continuity.

In 2020, we saw great creativity, innovation and rapid adaptation. It is time to take stock and learn from the bright spots arising in different organisations, sectors and places. Let us distill and share collective learning to fan the flames of emerging practices that enable people and organisations to thrive as we go on working together.

As The Henley Forum heads into our 21st year, we want to maintain our innovative edge for the benefit of our members. We have listened to your needs and we are planning a few format changes to help you in maximising value from your continued membership.

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Calendar of Events

Includes monthly Community Coffees; quarterly themed events; our flagship Annual Conference; and highly-regarded professional development programmes. Plus research projects; tailored support include our peer assist process and action learning; the monthly Knowledge Flow, member newsletters and more.

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